Mykonos. An island made by Gods!

Mykonos is a Greek island, part of the Cyclades, lying between Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos. Already inhabited since the 5th millennium B.C. (prehistoric settlement of Ftelia), Mykonos has an intense tourist and cosmopolitan activity, which has continuously kept her in the foreground, inevitably reminds us of the cosmopolitan ancient Delos during the period of its commercial peak (Hellenistic-roman period). Read More

What to do in Mykonos? A lot.

If you are wondering whether or not to include Mykonos in your vacations but when you hear the phrase “Greek island”, the first picture you have in mind is whitewashed houses, blue-roofed churches, narrow lanes and bougainvillea covering walls, then that’s exactly what Mykonos is… a Greek island you will never forget! Read More

Attractions of Mykonos (part 2)

The Windmills

The Windmills of Mykonos, early processing units, decisively contributed between the 17th and the 19th century to the economic prosperity of the island, which, being a necessary station for the passing sailboats, supplied them with rusk. Read More

Attractions of Mykonos (part 1)

Mykonos Town (Chora)

Mykonos town Chora is definitely one of the nicest and most charming towns of the Greek islands, with endless small streets, shops, windmills, churches, terraces and whitewashed houses. A place to wonder around for days and every time find something unexpected. Because of the street layout (intended to confuse pirates) it’s also the perfect place to lose your way. Read More

Super Paradise Mykonos

Super Paradise Beach is located right next to Paradise Beach and is reachable by taxi-boat and of course our buses with departure every 1 hour from 11 a.m.

It may seem that Super Paradise is less organized than its “neighbor” Paradise but it has more beautiful and crystalline waters! Read More

Useful Phone Numbers of Mykonos

Useful Telephone numbers you may need!

Remember : Area code of the Greece: (+30 ) , Area code of the Mykonos Island: (22890) Read More

Mykonos Churches

A characteristic feature of the mykonian landscape is the plethora of votive chapels. After the World War II it was said that these chapels were as numerous as days of the year. The locals continue the tradition of building chapels as an act of devotion. It is estimated that the number of chapels today is close to 800 (which is actually one per local family). Read More

Mykonos Sightseeing

Ano Mera Village

About 8 km from Mykonos town is Ano Mera, the most populated village on the island. Consisting of several scattered settlements, having as center the Cloister and the Panagia Tourliani church. Worth visiting are also the Monastery of Paleokastro, on the opposite hill, where one can see the remains of a Byzantine castle. Read More