You will start your trip with a panoramic tour, visiting some of the most famous beaches Mykonos has to offer, and small private chapels and houses built in typical Cycladic’ style.

In the second main village of Mykonos, you can see the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani, in the village of Ano Mera where its precious and magnificently sculptured gold plated iconostasis made in Florence in 1767 and its unique coexistence of a Greek-Orthodox Byzantine bell-tower with the Western tradition currently remains.

After this our driver will leave you at the entrance of the Chora (city) There you can walk and explore the streets, houses and shops. Chora of Mykonos is the capital of the most cosmopolitan island of Cyclades. A walk in narrow alleys of her settlement, impresses each visitor. The traditional architecture creates unique pictures that resemble like painting. Small whitewashed houses with the blue painting windows and wooden balconies are the characteristic of Aegean Sea Islands. The flowerpots with the polychromatic and aromatic flowers give their perfume to yours memories.

The main characteristic of layout of city constitute the rambling streets and the uniform architecture of buildings.

As you walk to the picturesque cobblestone pavements, you’ ll meet grandiose temple and small churches. All of these are dyed with white color. The light blue painting cupola appears as the sky to have linked itself with the ground.

Last but not least, you will see the famous windmills, the beautiful Little Venice, the church of Virgin Mary of Paraportjanis, which is recognized as a National Monument, and you can find “The Pelican Petros” the mascot of Mykonos.