Attractions of Mykonos (part 1)

Mykonos Town (Chora)

Mykonos town Chora is definitely one of the nicest and most charming towns of the Greek islands, with endless small streets, shops, windmills, churches, terraces and whitewashed houses. A place to wonder around for days and every time find something unexpected. Because of the street layout (intended to confuse pirates) it’s also the perfect place to lose your way. It has two harbors where you can just sit and have a drink or something to eat, while enjoying the views and the people that walk by, and another harbor where the ferries, catamarans and cruise ship arrive & depart. Behind the harbor front you will find endless (and very clean!) shopping streets with souvenirs and jewelers, the Mykonos hotels and guesthouses, and more restaurants. Most ticket offices for the ferries are on the main boulevard (Yalos).


Town Hall

The TOWN HALL is a elegant, two-storied building 1780 with a roof o breaks that was manufactured at the period of Orlofika in order to it constitutes the Seat of the Russian General Consul of Archipelago. Later it came under the authority of the jurisdiction of Community (Local body of self-government of island that it functioned before the Revolution), in order to accommodates up to today the offices of Municipality of Mykonos. Next to it, the frugal and imposing building of Mavrou existed the first public school of Mykonos, that was builded by Othonas (1859) in drawings of Bavarian mechanic Bailer, with distinctly romantic still. The building was linked with the small temple of Saint Nikolaos of Kadenas that was found on islet with a bridge. The temple of Saint Nikolaos of Kadenas was found in this place at least from 1700, while the islet protector of harbour from the winds exists in the all naval maps from the 15th century. At Yalos (seaside main boulevard) is found Kazarma with kamares were accommodated the soldiers of Mantos Mavrogenous while the above floor constituted her residence.

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