Mykonos Churches

A characteristic feature of the mykonian landscape is the plethora of votive chapels. After the World War II it was said that these chapels were as numerous as days of the year. The locals continue the tradition of building chapels as an act of devotion. It is estimated that the number of chapels today is close to 800 (which is actually one per local family). Some chapels are very old and have been designated as historical monuments by the Ministry of Culture, but the majority of them have been built during the last two centuries.These charming simple constructions, with a (usually) red arched roof, ornament the mykonian countryside. They play a vital role in the ilies” spiritual and social life. Let alone in Chora it is said to be about 60 churches! Mykonos has also many Monasteries , with a great architecture and religious pieces of art such as: Agios Panteleimonas (17th century)at Marathié, at Ano Mera the great Monastery of Panagia Tourliani (16th-18th century) the Monastery of Paleokastro (18th century), and Agios Georgios in Ampelokipos. During the past there were several more such as Agios Loukas with its famous religious school on the 18th century, which is today the cemetary of Chora.



This is the most popular and most photographed of the churches on the whole island of Mykonos. What makes this church so unique is its construction which is an asymmetrical conglomeration of 4 churches into one. Notice the 4 different architectural styles mixing Byzantine, vernacular, traditional and western style. The church dates back to the middle of the 15th century A.D. The name comes from the word “Porta” = Door, as it was build right next to the entrance of the Medieval castle in Mykonos town, which unfortunately has been completely destroyed. Building of great architectural value, it consists of 4 ground floor temples and one of the first floor, which is the main church. The churches around it (Agios Sozontas, Agii Anargyri, Agia Anastasia, and Agios Efstathios) comprise the whole of the church of Paraportiani.


Panagia Tourliani Ano Mera

The monastery of Panagia Tourliani is the most significant highlight of the Ano Mera village, about 8 km east of Chora (Mykonos town)
The monastery, totally in Cycladic architecture, was probably founded in the 16th century (in 1542 by two monks as the inscription on the miraculous contemporary icon indicates) and it was restructured in 1767. The marble and the water spigot are impressive, as well as the interior with the byzantine icons. Panagia Tourliani is considered the Patron saint of the island and is celebrated on the 15th of August.


Catholic Church – Virgin of St. Rosary

For the spiritual benefit of the thousands of Catholic tourists and the few Catholic inhabitants of the island, there is in Mykonos only one Catholic Church which is situated in Alefkandra Square near the picturesque windmills of Mykonos. The Catholic Church of Mykonos has been dedicated to the Virgin of St. Rosary since 1668.

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