For your best service and convenience in the usage of the website we use “cookies”, a technology that uses alpharithmetic codes that installs a small amount of information to the PC of a website user, so that the website can identify future visits by the user when using the same PC. For example, the information that are provided through the cookies are used to identify you as a previous user of the website and to provide a customed made content of the website and the information for using it and to make your experience easier in using it. You can choose to decline the cookies at your first visit to the website but also subsequently by choosing the relevant link at the bottom of the website, however this might influence the use of the website and your capability to access certain features and transactions. For further information concerning the deletion or the control of the cookies you can refer to

1. Types of cookies we use

Below we present to you a summary of the types of cookies that we use and their functions.

1.1. Necessary Cookies

There are the technical necessary for the usage of the website and therefore you have no possibility to deny them. They assist you to browse in the website and to see certain characteristics or use its basic features.

1.2. Cookies for the connection period

The cookies for the connection period are temporally stored in your PC or your device for the time period of the browsing program and are deleted with the ending of the browser operation.

1.3. Analytics cookies

They are used directly by the website administrator for the collection of the total information relevant to the user’s activities that are used in the website, collected anonymously and only for statistical purposes. They assist us in to comprehend the way that you browse the website as well as your consumer behavior, so that we can improve the website and the purchasing procedure to become easier and more pleasant for you.

1.4. Targeting Cookies

These cookies are targeting to the creation of user profile, storing your preferences concerning our products. These cookies allow us to share your preferences with our advertisers. They are used for the calculation of the efficiency of one advertising campaign as well as the sending advertising messages in accord to your preferences during the browsing in the website e.g. if you visit the Google website the advertisement that you will see will be more relevant to your preferences.

2. If you do not wish to have cookies

Concerning the non-strictly necessary cookies, you have the following options:

To change the browsers settings in order to delete or to ban the storage of cookies to your PC or portable device without your written consent. In the section “assistance” in the browser you can find information on how to administer the cookies’ settings.

To change the cookies’ settings in relationship to the website by following the link titled “cookies” at the bottom of the website.